My Husband

HusbandEveryone who knows me knows that I have a husband.  It will be 18 years next month when I will celebrate the day I said ‘I do’ in front of a goodly number of people and God in a church committing to spend the rest of my life with Mr Lee James Gallaher. So, when I complete surveys, which I try to do less of these days, I tick the ‘married’ box  because I have a husband! In fact, I have a wonderful husband, thank God!

I could use the rest of this article describing Lee’s wonderfulness, however, there have been times throughout the last 18 years when I would not have felt like saying that my husband was wonderful because human beings make mistakes. Stop press: Lee makes mistakes, and so do I!  It got me thinking about marriage and, as I am a woman, I have been thinking about it from a woman’s perspective. Largely, girls grow up into women with a desire in their hearts to get married. I believe this is a desire that God wants to fulfil.

Part of that desire is to have a good husband; someone who loves us, cares for us, supports and encourages us in our journey of life. God has made us a three-part being – spirit, soul and body. That means that there is a desire in us for our husbands to become one with us in spirit, soul and body. This is God’s plan too. If you are married or would like to be married, God’s best for you is to have a husband who is united with you in every aspect of your being: spiritually, emotionally, physically and also relationally and financially.

God’s plans for you are good but in John 10:10 Jesus says that thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. The thief Jesus is referring to is satan. He doesn’t want you to have unity with your husband in any area of your life, spirit, soul, body, relationships or finances, so he will try to stop you from having a husband at all, or he will try to rob you of unity in your marriage. Satan would be quite content for you to be married to a man but not be intimately connected with him, in harmony, in every area of your life – that’s robbery!

As a divorce lawyer for over 10 years, I have seen how successful satan has been at stealing husbands away and robbing marriages of unity. There will be some of you reading this article who have been through or are going through the trauma of divorce, experiencing the loss of your husband. I want to encourage you to take heart!

Whatever your circumstances I want to share with you and amazing promise from the Bible: Isaiah 54:5 says, ‘For your Maker is your Husband. The Lord of Hosts is His name. And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel.’ Jesus is your husband! You and I can choose to let Jesus be our ultimate source of love, support, encouragement, provision and everything else we need in a husband! In fact, even if you have an earthly husband, Jesus invites you to look to Him as your source.

If you are in a marriage where you are not in unity with your husband, look to Jesus, your heavenly husband to support you. If you are not married and are waiting to meet your earthly husband, take comfort in Jesus, let Him be your heavenly husband and He can give you strength and support in the waiting season. If you have been through or are going through a divorce then I encourage you to open your heart to Jesus and let Him take the place of Husband in your life. You will be amazed at His eagerness to do so and how wonderful a marriage with Jesus is!

I have a Husband, he knows me intimately and desires me completely, His name is Jesus! He wants to be your husband too!