The Throne Room


I felt led by God to write a poem back in April 2016. I was praying the other day and God told me to put it on the website, so here it is. The poem is called: The Throne Room.

Through the blood-soaked veil,
Beyond the dead and stale
There is a throne room

Open doors, I’m beckoned in
No longer conscious of my sin,
Clothed in white, just like Christ
A co-heir of light

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Questions about church


When I was praying, God gave me this title for an article for the blog and, at first,
I wondered if he wanted me to research or even make-up a list of ‘common questions’ that I could address. Then he spoke to my heart again, he said:

‘If you’ve got questions about church you can resolve them all by picking up a relationship with Christ. I say ‘pick up’ because the ball is in your court.’ Continue reading

My Husband

HusbandEveryone who knows me knows that I have a husband.  It will be 18 years next month when I will celebrate the day I said ‘I do’ in front of a goodly number of people and God in a church committing to spend the rest of my life with Mr Lee James Gallaher. So, when I complete surveys, which I try to do less of these days, I tick the ‘married’ box  because I have a husband! In fact, I have a wonderful husband, thank God!

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King of cool


James Bond has cool gadgets: wrist watches with lasers in them, exploding pens, cars with missile launchers and ‘ejecter’ seats. For the most part the gizmos and gadgets James Bond finds indispensible in his adventures are, like the man himself, just a figment of someone’s imagination; fantastical inventions often beyond the capabilities of natural science. And that’s what makes them exciting – for boys (and men) at least.

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You have a choice!


I was travelling back from Court the other day after a particularly difficult hearing, involving a divorcing couple who were in a dispute over how to deal with the family home and other assets in the marriage. An underlying theme to the whole thing was that the ‘only option’ would be to sell the house and each spouse attempt to use the limited equity to find alternative accommodation.

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2014 – A New Year, A New You!


I popped into a cobblers the other day to get my boots re-healed.  I work in a quaint market town which has retained its old cobblestones in and around the market place. Whilst it looks ‘oldie-worldie’, walking around on the cobblestones has meant that the heals on my shoes and boots have taken a ‘hit’! As I walked into the little cobblers just near the market place, the shop attendant was taking down their Christmas decorations.  I remarked that it was sad to see the Christmas season coming to an end (a season I particularly enjoy).  She responded that it was time for them to be taken down as she didn’t want to go too far into the New Year with them up in the shop.

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