The Throne Room


I felt led by God to write a poem back in April 2016. I was praying the other day and God told me to put it on the website, so here it is. The poem is called: The Throne Room.

Through the blood-soaked veil,
Beyond the dead and stale
There is a throne room

Open doors, I’m beckoned in
No longer conscious of my sin,
Clothed in white, just like Christ
A co-heir of light

Barefoot but free from shame,
My lips call on the precious name:

What power and might!
The name that wins in every fight!
One time the bell rang out,
From ringside seats the angels shout:
Glory! Allelujah!

A harmony of heaven’s praise
Echoes now through all my days.
I wake up and all is well,
I tremble not at the gates of hell.

Confidence stirs in my heart,
His faith in me to quench each dart.
No, I will not look and fear
Instead I speak, ‘His Kingdom’s near!’

Far, far greater is He in me
Than any problem that I see.

Lack and sickness move me not!
I say, ‘Look at what I’ve got:
A covenant sealed with blood
I’m held by God’s right hand for good.’

And now I’m still.
In heaven’s courts I stand
[All other ground is sinking sand]

Joy swells and peace inside;
The blessed Spirit is my guide
And He has led me to this place,
He has shown me Jesus’ face!

I’ve heard the saviour call my name
That trumps all earth-bound claims to fame!
Every day I’m invited in
To have an audience with the King

By His smile I know He’s pleased
To see His sons, Jesus and me
Seated in our unity
Now reconciled, no enmity.

Thank you Father!