We are disciples of Jesus Christ


I asked God if He wanted me to contribute anything for this issue of FLC Connect. He did. This is it.

My instructions:
Teach the vision line-by-line. Keep it short.

Actually, what I’m typing here is not stuff I dreamt-up, this is what Jesus deposited in my spirit. He gave me the following five points for you and I to meditate on:

  1. I chose my disciples; I have chosen you, I love you!
  2. I taught my disciples; listen to my words, let me teach you too.
  3. I lived with my disciples; I now live in your heart, enjoy my presence.
  4. I baptized my disciples with water and the Spirit; I invite you to receive my fullness.
  5. I commissioned my disciples; now you too are created anew in Christ, to fulfil specific assignments, for my glory.

While Jesus walked on earth He interacted with His disciples in the flesh realm. Now He interacts with us in the realm of the spirit. Open the eyes and ears of your spirit and let your heart be flooded with light! I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, so are you! Yeehah!